A logo using your name(s) and preferred colors. Used where applicable in the other package products.
Contains the details of the event.
Reception Card
Contains the details of the reception.
Reply Card
Contains the RSVP details of the event.
Invitation Tag
Small tag that contains the logo and event date. Is sent with the rest of the invitation stationery.
Map and directions for the event destinations.
Address Label
Decorative return address labels.
Belly Band
A band that fits around the invitation stationery package.
Envelope Liner
Decorative liner for the inside of the envelope.
Thank You Card
Cards for thanking guests for their generous gifts.
Save The Date
An announcement card informing people to save the date for your upcoming event.
Outline of the order of events, guests of honor, thank you's, etc.
Outline of the food served at the event.
Table Numbers
Table number signs numbered 1-16. More numbers available for an additional fee.
Escort Card
A card that direct each guest to their assigned table.
Place Card
A card that direct each guest to their assigned seat.
Bag Topper
The top portion of the goodie bag that holds every together.
Favor Tag
A tag that can be attached to favors. The tag includes a message like, "Thank you for coming!"
Letter Banner
15 letters that spell out a custom message like "Happy Birthday". Extra letters available for an addional fee.
Cake Topper
For the top of the birthday cake. Must be trimmed and added to wooden stick for height.
Cupcake Topper
For the top of the cupcakes. Must be trimmed and added to a lolly pop stick for height.
Cupcake Wrapper
A wrapper placed around the base of the cupcake.
Juice Box Label
A personalized label to cover juice boxes.
Water Bottle Label
A personalized label to cover water bottles.
5 Mini Signs
5 matching signs to use on cookie jars, food platters, tables, etc.
2 Big Signs
2 5x7 to 8x10 signs to use at your event. For example, "Please Enjoy A Sweet Treat!"
CD Sleeve/Label
CD sleeve and label. Assembly is required.
Playing Cards
The box that the playing card deck is held in. Assembly is required.
Milk Carton
A milk carton box that can be used as a favor box for goodies. Assembly is required.
Paper Plane
Planes with your logo on them. Assembly is required. For decoration, not for flying.
4 Postcards
4 postcard designs with a different photo image on each front. For favors or thank you cards.
A t-shirt graphic matching the party theme. For the birthday boy/girl, or honored guests.
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