• Step 1
    You will be asked to complete our detailed questionnaire, and/or phone interview to provide more insight about who you are, what you offer, who you offer it to
  • Step 1
    The information gathered from your questionnaire or interview will then be used to assist us in brainstorming ideas that will help you achieve your branding goals
  • Step 1
    We then conduct research to determine the feasibility of the brainstormed ideas given your outlined needs (such as brand message, target audience, budget, deadline, location, and goals)
  • Step 1
    The fully researched ideas will be used to develop and present to you a unique concept that fits your brand message, and target audience
  • Step 1
    After your concept review, you will be asked for your feedback, which will then be incorporated into your developed brand identity concept
  • Step 1
    Lastly, your brand identity concept is visually brought to life (business cards and collateral materials printed, social media and website launched, photography and video production completed)

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