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Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe Cards

The designer in me made these custom Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day cards for my little ones to pass out to their classmates. The mother in me hopes that they are actually encouraged to make new friends by playing tic tac toe with somebody new. Either way, I’m sharing this Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day [...]

DIY Bow Tie

DIY Bow Tie out of a Necktie

I don’t think I am the only one who has ever searched far and wide for a nice necktie and matching bow ties for my husband and little men for a wedding or other special occasion. It just seems like a no-brainer to me. But then I thought to myself, if I purchase a necktie [...]


Kids Art Home Decor

Supporting my little girl’s love of art doesn’t mean that our refrigerator is covered in kids art or that we have tons of artwork in our keepsake box. Instead, we scan them all from our home printer, and save them to her personal usb drive (so, technically, we can throw them in the recycle bin [...]


Artichoke Blooms

If this is what happens when you don’t eat your vegetables, I might consider not eating them more often. I love the colors that burst from this artichoke bloom. When the artichokes are still tightly closed, they are more tender for eating, but should you happen to “miss” their tender point, sit back and enjoy [...]

St. John Knit

This is just so bittersweet. I love this St. John knit pencil skirt that I found for $1.99 at the Salvation Army. Now, somehow purchasing anything less fabulous for a penny more just seems so wrong. If you have yet to find your St. John in your grandma’s closet or you don’t have the patience [...]