Monkey Birthday Party Invitations

Teal Bird Concepts Monkey Birthday Party Invitation

Last week I worked on a 1st birthday party invitation project for a client. Instead of just handing them their cards in an unmarked boxed or envelope, I made sure to polish the project off with little Teal Bird touches. I even provided the client with complimentary matching favor tags packaged with a personal ‘thank you for your business’ note and my business card. Had I not polished this project off, my client would not have had my business card handy to pass on to a group that was in need of some design work. Yeah for me!

THE TAKE AWAY: It’s just in my personality to pay attention to the small details, but it is a valuable trait. While the little touches may seem time consuming and financially costly, they are sometimes what set you apart from the rest. In all things, the hard work that you put in should come with full expectancy of some return. This return doesn’t have to be financial. It can be greater relationships, greater peace, greater abilities, etc. Examine what small things you can do to make your clients, friends, and family feel like VIP’s and see how it pays off for you.

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