Spinach and Bacon Quiche

When you get three eggs a day from your hens, you end up with this.

Fresh Eggs

So it’s only right that you make this.


While I have heard that real men don’t eat quiche, it seems that real kids do! Using the very easy Paul Deen Spinach and Bacon Quiche Recipe for inspiration, I substituted half & half for the heavy cream and turkey bacon for the regular bacon. From our garden, I had the kids grab fresh spinach to use in the quiche and green onions to topped it with once out of the oven. Next time, I will consider making the crust from scratch like my mother-in-law whips up. But just as time waits for no man, three hungry, hovering little ones wait for no homemade crust. They also didn’t save any for me, so I will just assume that it was good!

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